We see big things for dauntless

We see big things for dauntless

As me and the guys from Five Espressos have had discussions over the last month, We’ve been driven to create some sort of resource for makers, artists, and entrepreneurs online. It’s not as though there aren’t plenty of those already, but we want to focus on the human aspect of things: The resistance that comes with shipping work, the ideas that didn’t necessarily see the surface, and interviews with people as they go about launching. Most likely, we won’t be the website featuring the latest conversation strategy for twitter, or the page that posts 10 things that steve job can teach you about effectiveness. We want to empower people to go after their dreams by taking practical action.


We couldn’t settle on a name for this, but over time, I started realizing that the people that I most aspire to help- the people that i’ve written some content on the dauntless blog already for! Are the same people that we want to serve with this new resource. … Why not just use the dauntless name that we already have. It seemed like a good idea. So here we are!


stay tuned for the new dauntless


Oh, and if you came here looking for Dan’s blog- he’s decided to move things to danhefferan.com

– Dan