“Hello World”

I’ve been making a full time living using WordPress for almost a year, yet it’s been a year of growing pains. It feels good to return to those words that greet every new WordPress blog.

We’ll see how it turns out.

Hello World, I’m starting dauntless.co over.

partly because I love the domain name, partly because I have a story to tell, and partly because I want to build something that can be bigger than me.

This time I want to strip away expectations and write. Write about the things i’m learning, and the ways I’m looking to improve life. Last month I began a break from social media, so there’s no auto publishing to 1000+ facebook friends. There’s really just this website. and a mailing list- if you want the posts, sign up there and i’ll make sure you get them! I still do keep my twitter account, but i haven’t been really active there for some time.

I would expect that the postings here could be all over the place, it tends to be the way my mind works, but lately I’ve had a superb interest that borders on obsession on a couple topics.

Blog-able interests?

  1. Personal Finance. A couple years back I had a pretty huge life transformation, and taking control of finances was a big part of that. I slacked a little big on keeping this up to speed over the last year. I’m intensely interested in the topics of Financial Independence, Investing and Early Retirement. — As far as early retirement goes, however, I take the topic with a grain of salt. I’m not somebody who could sit on the beach for months with no purpose, i’ll always be working, but having more freedom to decide what exactly you work on sounds pretty great.
  2. Health and Nutrition. I’ve learned a few things over the last year specifically about me in regards to my health.
    1. I no longer have as active of a career, so healthy eating exercising is a priority if i don’t want to turn into a balloon.
    2. I really suck at moderation. — I’m not somebody who can just have a scoop of ice cream, one beer, or a serving of a snack. So i actually respond better to a more restrictive protocol like Whole30 better than I do something simple like tracking calories and moderating your carb, fats, and protein levels.

    In 2015, I really took control of my health and lost nearly 100 pounds, but a lot of that weight has come back. It’s pretty frustrating but not unexpected based on my lifestyle choices I had been making the last two years.

  3. Business — Now that 5 espressos is my main gig, what does it look like to spend each work day really pushing the needle as far as it will go. How do we take this thing and make into a real success? How do we serve our clients and our communities the best we can? — These are the big questions i’m weighing right now.
  4. Hobbies. — I love to have fun when i’m not working, but everything you do has an opportunity cost attached to it. Last week was a good long week, and I responded by playing a lot of video games on saturday. I don’t think gaming is really a problem, but there’s a cost attached to it. A day was dedicated to gaming, where i could have been building a side business around an interest. I could have been exercising,  learning from a book, or catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

I was reading a blog post on the Early Retirement Extreme blog and a few lines in there really stuck out to me.

For financial independence or just health, wealth, and wisdom, I think it is important to keep the following points in mind

  • * Pick a hobby where you can grow as a person. This means that you should get better and better with time passing through the stages of beginner, competent, master, and expert. If improvement stops, drop the hobby.
  • * Pick a hobby that can makes you healthier, wealthier or wiser. If the hobby does none of the three. Drop it.
  • * Get involved. Be productive. If you create something other people enjoy

But what about having fun? I say almost anything can be fun once you get into it if it is sufficiently challenging (except poetry of course 😛 ). If you disagree that’s your problem, it just means that you wont be having fun while getting smarter, richer, or in better shape 😉 .

Ever since reading this blogpost, all of what I do outside of work has been under a cross examination.  Who knows what i’ll settle on, but that uncertainty will be part of the fun of blogging these adventures.

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